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Lifeway Mission International

Lifeway Mission International is a Kenyan-based NGO that relies on generous donations to continue their work. For over a decade, they utilized a blog site to have a web presence, but it needed a drastic makeover to be viewed as professional + trustworthy in today’s digital world. So after sitting down with them to discuss the purpose of their new site, we created a site filled with “Call To Action” buttons, high quality photos of the people + communities they serve, and integrated contact and donation forms.

If you or your organization needs a website overhaul, Nomadic Wren Creative is here to help!

Community Property Services

Community Property Services is a contracting company that needed an online presence to refer potential clients so they could learn more + request a quote. It needed to be eye-catching, straight forward, and most importantly friendly. After talking with them, we learned that not everyone believes handyman to be professional, nor contractors to be trustworthy. So it was important for their branding to make sure the website demonstrated how personable, neighborly, trustworthy, and professional they are.

If you or your business needs a web presence to communicate your brand, Nomadic Wren Creative is here to help!

buna + Ababa

Concept Design for Buna + Ababa, a startup coffee shop.

We love small business [that’s why we started one] + love the excitement of a new adventure, but also understand the overwhelming feeling of detail overload. So if you are a startup, but aren’t ready for a complete web build out, we offer proofs of concept to take with you for all those important meetings, or even a simple “coming soon” landing page to secure your domain.