To see + be seen — that is the truest nature of love.
— Brené Brown
Photo by  Shaughn Cooper

We believe that kindness in giving creates love

so When you make a purchase through threads with purpose, or hire nomadic wren creative for your creative project needs, a portion of your money is directly donated to a project of your choice.

◇◆◇ We are intentional with the organizations we choose to support.
◇◆◇ We know it is important to know where the money goes.
◇◆◇ It’s also important that the work is being done in responsible + sustainable ways to produce a long-lasting impact.
◇◆◇ Having personally partnered with each of these organizations in the field, we have seen how they practice love in action.


Our Connections


Lifeway Mission International

We have known the founder of Lifeway Mission International for over a decade now. We met in an airport, but have since become family. We sit on the U.S. Board of Directors and volunteer as their Creatives Director. While traveling with Lifeway throughout Kenya, we saw firsthand the devastating need for emergency relief during drought season. So when you choose to support the Lifeway Project, it will go to emergency relief efforts/area of greatest need such as food + clean water distribution to the unreached/under-reached people groups in East Africa.

“Our mission is to serve as Jesus served by holistically discipling and developing communities, and to bring glory to God.

Lifeway Mission International exists out of obedience to The Great Commission: to go and make disciples of all nations. Because we are indigenously led, we have access to areas and people groups that traditional organizations have been historically unable to reach. For 20 years, Lifeway has paved a way, where there are no roads, for the Gospel to be heard and experienced in the deserts of Kenya and beyond, amongst nomadic and unreached people groups.

Disciple Making Movement (DMM) is the heartbeat of Lifeway Mission International. We are passionately committed to making disciples who make disciples by engaging with our local communities to meet the immediate needs of the people. We believe that through practical love people will discover eternal truth.”


Esma - Ebenezer Sheparding Ministries of Africa

In February 2019, I had the honor of visiting and partnering with ESMA to help a few of their kiddos tell their own stories. We have seen quite a few children’s homes in our travels internationally, but ESMA is unique. The children that call ESMA home, are truly part of a family - with a Dad + Mom, Aunts + Uncles, brothers + sisters - and they are all cared for holistically. It is not a sad place, although many of the stories that brought them there are heartbreaking. Rather, ESMA is a place of joy, a place of hope, a place of redemption. So when you choose to support the ESMA Project, it will go to holistically caring for orphans + vulnerable children through food, shelter, education, and any medical needs.

“Our mission is founded on Isaiah 1:17, “Learn to do good; Seek justice, Rebuke the oppressor; Defend the fatherless, Plead for the widow.”

ESMA’s motivation is to share the love of Christ with the people of Africa by providing housing, food, education, spiritual encouragement and love for orphans and vulnerable children, and establishing sustainable programs to assist poverty-stricken families to be self-supporting.”


Embracing Hope

When you support the Embracing Hope project, you will be helping keep families together. You will help a child go to day care or school so mom (or dad) can go to work, instead of being sent to an orphanage because of poverty. We spent a few days with Embracing Hope in February 2019, and we need more organizations like them that embody love in action. They look past the labels and challenges to seek solutions to systemic poverty that has led to families being torn apart. One of those solutions, was to start a day care + primary school near Kore, a former leper colony and trash dump, turned slum for the poorest community in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

“We believe in keeping families together.

Embracing Hope is a Christ-centered organization focused on seeing the poorest and most vulnerable of families preserved and orphans prevented by using compassionate, holistic practices that promote dignity, sustainability, transformation, community, and Christian discipleship which invades all areas of life for this and future generations.”


No Ordinary Love

While spending time with No Ordinary Love, we heard from the local staff some of the stories of how they work to rehabilitate and reunite trafficked and missing children with their families. They have reunited over a thousand children, and work closely with local authorities and communities to take preventative actions to keep kids safe. When you support the No Ordinary Love project, you will be helping reunite families, and provide the necessary rehabilitation support to a child.

“No Ordinary Love Ministries (NOLM) is known for reuniting lost children with their families and providing holistic care to at-risk and vulnerable families.

Our mission is to bless and serve people living in extreme poverty in Ethiopia, and beyond. Our ultimate desire is for those whom we are serving to experience the tangible love of God through acts of justice and mercy. We also hope to encourage and inspire others as they hear about our journey.”


Make Your Mark

Make Your Mark is committed to defending the street children of Addis Ababa, and showing them that they are kids with purpose. They provide a Day Center as a safe place to bathe, receive meals, basic education, counseling + therapy. For those who show a consistent desire to remain off the streets, they are then given the choice to work towards reintegration with family or family based care. When you support the Make Your Mark project, you will be helping Keep Kids at Home and off the streets by providing for their school fees and basic needs.

“Our mission statement: With the LOVE of Christ, we reach out to vulnerable children and families to Meet Basic and Eternal Needs.

Make Your Mark is an international Christian non-profit that is dedicated to defending the poor, the orphans and vulnerable children. We exist to love, serve and build orphans and impoverished children/families, by meeting their physical, spiritual, educational, social and emotional needs that they may overcome their life circumstances and break free from the cycle of generational poverty.”