What services do you offer?

We create video, photo, graphics + websites for anyone with a story to tell.

Video Services: Both documentary + scripted, we help bring your story to life from concept through post production.

Photo Services: I specialize in newborn, family, portrait + lifestyle photography. I only use natural lighting to keep the images pure + organic. I shoot at client’s homes or at a selected location. I prefer not to use props and focus on the people, but if you have something important to your story, you are more than welcome to include it. After all, this is your story we are documenting!

I am passionate about capturing humanitarian work, please contact me if you are interested in documenting your organizations work!

I also enjoy partnering with local business in promoting their brand through imagery.

Graphic Design: Custom branding, logos, marketing materials + stationary

Web Design: Mobile-Friendly websites + blogs that you learn how to keep up to date!

How long does the process take?

We have included estimated timeframes with most packages. These are based on past work experience, so are estimated for a reason. Every project has specific needs and is unique in scope, so we will discuss your specific timeline when we chat.

When should I book?

Booking is based on availability because we only take on a few projects at a time to devote the needed creative attention to your story. Most clients book designs 1-2 months in advance giving them time to prepare for their project by completing the questionnaire + gathering any needed content before the designing process begins.

For photo services, I recommend maternity shoots between 26-35 weeks, and newborn shoots are typically within the first 2 weeks from birth (so baby can still be in those adorable womb-like positions). For all other photoshoots, send us a message to book your session.

Most videos take a few months from beginning to end depending on how elaborate the filming days and post production is. So if your business wants a holiday video and you wait until Black Friday to contact us, we might have to suggest a Christmas in July promo instead. Please keep this in mind if you have a specific deadline.

What Gear/programs do you use?

I’m a Canon loyalist. He shoots Nikon. I edit in both Final Cut + Premiere. I am certified in + utilize Adobe Creative Suite just about every day. Our go to web platform is Squarespace.

What do I need to get started?

A simple idea and desire to tell your story. Whether you are a veteran business owner who needs a branding refresh, or a small business owner just getting started, every story starts with an idea. If you need a website, we will ask you to complete some basic content copy for the site (description of services, why you do what you do, etc.) but you can always work on this homework as we start the branding process. I choose templates from ready made CMS’s because they are easy to update as your brand grows. For example, this means we can choose stock photos as we create your website to get it up and running, and easily swap them out after you take your necessary product shots. Or we can add a blog after the website goes live and you’ve had time to write a few entries for the archives.

What should I wear for our photoshoot?

The most important thing is that you are comfortable + confident. Learn from my mistake — during our engagement photos, I wore a pair of heels for the first time. I never wear heels (heck, we had a barefoot wedding because I hate shoes that much!), but I thought breaking in a new pair during the photoshoot was a good idea. False! Wear something that represents you and makes you feel good! When in doubt, neutrals with minimal patterns are timeless. Oh and please NO text { guys } — or you will be reading “Hurley” for the next 30+ years!

What is Nomadic Wren Creative’s story?


Hi! So nice of you to ask! We are a husband-wife team, celebrating 10 years of marriage! He’s a 9w8, I’m a 4w5 — incase you are enneagram’ers + needed to know. :)

Brian is the business, marketing + ideas guy. He’s the Nomadic 1/2 — his interests are vast, he always wins at trivia, and doesn’t like staying still for too long. ( We’ve moved 8 times + called 5 states home! )

Joey is the creative, detail-oriented + storytelling gal. She’s the Wren 1/2 — her passion is for using her voice for others, she loves creating anything with her hands, and needs the beauty of nature to survive. ( Did you know that Wren’s are small, energetic + sing a beautifully bubbly tune? )

Brian has always wanted to run a business, or 10. I (Joey) never wanted to run a business. I simply wanted to use my lens as a microphone for other people to tell their stories. Since 2011, I have been doing all my creative work under this brand name, but never made it official. (I was secretly hoping to, but way too timid because of all the unknown business-y things.) It wasn’t until we had two back-to-back life-changing opportunities to go document the stories of local organizations in Kenya + Ethiopia, that I knew I needed to take this leap to continue to fuel ( + fund ) the humanitarian work we feel so passionately about.

So when you hire Nomadic Wren Creative, you’ll be a playing a role in our story to continue to build global relationships. And we’d love for you to join us, too! That’s why we donate a portion of all sales to a project of your choice to keep compassion + justice as our focus.