How the Great British Baking Show Gives a Metaphor for Why Video Should be Left to the Pros

In 2019, purchasing habits of consumers are in transition, and increasingly turning to only one channel. Unfortunately, that one channel is perfectly happy to take your product and make a cheap knock off that cuts your business out of the equation. So we’re in a race to change consumers hearts and minds about what they value and what's best for our shared life together. How do you do that today? The strategies of the past are not applicable for the technological advances of today.

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{ Kenya + Ethiopia, 2017 }

What a privilege it was to travel with Lifeway Mission International throughout Kenya to document their origin story in preparation for their 20 year anniversary celebration! And it was a dream come true, and an eight and a half year prayer finally answered, to return to Ethiopia, to the place I left a big part of my heart.

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Joey Havenner